RVPA is a charter member of the Virginia Alliance of Paralegal Associations (“VAPA”) which is made up of regional associations throughout Virginia. VAPA represents RVPA on state issues and is involved in shaping guidelines affecting the regulation and development of the paralegal profession.

Virginia Registered Paralegal – VARP

In January 2016 the Virginia Alliance of Paralegal Associations has implemented the Virginia Registered Paralegal (“VARP”) program.

For more information about VARP, please go to the VAPA webpage:

If you have any questions regarding the VARP program, please email Beth Reed at

In 1999, RVPA became an associate member of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). NALA is the leading professional association for legal assistants and paralegals across the United States. NALA provides continuing education and professional development programs for paralegals nation wide.

NALA was incorporated in 1975 and is currently composed of over 18,000 paralegals, through individual members and its 90 state and local affiliated associations of which RVPA is proud to be a part.

As an associated member of NALA, RVPA is afforded the opportunity to keep abreast on the latest happenings in the paralegal profession. We are informed on regulation and or licensure issues in states like California, Maine, Indiana, Florida, Texas and Hawaii. This information is vital to RVPA, and VAPA as these organizations push to keep Virginia up to speed on professional issues relating to the paralegal profession.

For more information regarding NALA please refer to their website

For a listing of all courses/seminars offered by NALA Campus Live and National Business Institute, please click HERE and HERE.

For a list of ABA approved Paralegal Education Programs in Virginia, please click here.